SteelCore Hot Tub Spa Security Straps

SteelCore Hot Tub Spa Security Straps

Code: 8150 | Brand: SteelCore


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Product Description


The SteelCore  Hot Tub Spa Security Straps are the best cut-resistant security locking strap available! Perfect for rental properties, preventing unwanted use, and ensuring safety for children. All strap material is made of S.E.W. (Steel Encased Webbing), which is harder to cut the steel cable.

SteelCore Hot Tub Security Straps contains:  (2) 13' Cut-resistant Security Locking Straps (black) - 2 Keys - 4 Edge Protectors - 2 Buckle Covers.


  • Cut-resistant Security locking strap.
  • Strap is a blend of steel & cut resistant fibers.
  • Key locking, theft resistant.
  • Easy one-handed operation.