Swim Spa Cover Roller (6 arms)

Swim Spa Cover Roller (6 arms)

Code: 78003 | Brand: SPAccessories


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Product Description


This set of 6 Cover Rollers allows you to install 3 rollers on each end of your Swim Spa, so both covers are out of the way! The Swim Spa Cover Roller features a patented easy on/off roller design. No assembly is required - simply remove from the box and mount to the Swim Spa with a screwdriver.

| Instructions


  • requires 1/2 width of the cover behind the spa
  • folds snugly against the spa cabinet when not in use
  • 4 rollers on each arm that make it easy to slide
  • no cabinet shape limitations
  • 1 year no-hassle warranty
  • 5 year limited warranty