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Mineral Buddies® Nature2® Spa Stick Mineral Sanitizer Start Up Kit

Mineral Buddies® Nature2® Spa Stick Mineral Sanitizer Start Up Kit

Code: 9085 | Brand: Mineral Buddies®

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Product Description

This Mineral Buddies® Nature2® kit contains all the start-up chemicals needed for a Nature2® Mineral Sanitized spa. Why use Nature2®? The Nature2® Mineral Sanitizer reduces need for harsh chemicals and lessens skin irritation. The Nature2® Mineral Sanitizer works with your existing filter to give you clean, clear water without high levels of chlorine. A difference you can see, feel, and smell.

The Mineral Buddies® Nature2® Kit Includes: Nature2® Mineral Sanitizer, Mineral Buddies® Shock Treatment, Mineral Buddies® Calcium Up, Mineral Buddies® pH and Alk Up, Mineral Buddies® pH and Alk Down, Granular Chlorinating Granules (Please note: chlorine brand received may vary from image shown & can vary state to state.) and AquaChek Chlorine Test Strips.


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  • Mineral Buddies® Spa Care was specifically designed for use with Mineral Treated Spas. Kit includes:
  • 1-Nature2® Mineral Sanitizer (Fits inside the filter cartridge for easy installation. - Reduces need for harsh chemicals - Less skin irritation.)
  • 1-8oz Mineral Buddies® Shock Oxidizer & 1-8oz Mineral Buddies® Calcium Up
  • 1-8oz Mineral Buddies® pH & Alkalinity Up
  • 1-9oz Mineral Buddies® pH & Alkalinity Down
  • 1-1lb Amerse Chlorinating Granules & 1 (25 ct) AquaChek Chlorine Test Strips