Cover Cap 89"x89"x12"

Cover Cap 89"x89"x12"

Code: 5245G | Brand: PoolSystems


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Product Description


The Spa Cover Cap offers optimum protection for the spa or hot tub, the cover is water-resistant, reduces condensation and prevents the build up of dirt and mildew. Made from high quality, lightweight ripstop polyester, backed with a breathable membrane. Easy to handle and takes up little space when not in use.

USAGE AND MAINTENANCE: With temperature variations, condensation is unavoidable. The cover helps remove the moisture vapor to the outside. To ensure that you create sufficient ventilation to enable the cover to breathe, never place the cover flat on the spa or hot tub. Ensure that there is always a slight space between the cover and the insulated spa or hot tub cover by placing, for example, a cup or a ball below the cover. This will also create a high point, to encourage water to run off the cover and to avoid it collecting in pools. The drawstring can be fastened at two sides. Where possible, pull the drawstring and tighten it to avoid the cover blowing away. Regularly remove the cover from your spa or hot tub and allow it to air.


  • 89 x 89 x 12"
  • Grey Color