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Amerse Crystal Clear Clarifier

Amerse Crystal Clear Clarifier

Code: 2320 | Brand: Amerse Spa Care

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Product Description

Amerse Crystal Clear Clarifier is a specially formulated product that restores clarity and refreshes dull water. Amerse Crystal Clear Clarifier works by combining unfilterable microscopic particles together into larger particles that can be efficiently removed by your spa's filtration system. (16oz)


Safety Data Sheet | Instructions


  • Use Once a Week to Maintain Water Clarity
  • 1. Shake gently before using.
  • 2. Add 2 oz. per 250 gallons of water. Distribute product evenly over spa water surface while jets are activated.
  • 3. This product should be used weekly and whenever spa water appears cloudy. Add 1 oz. of Crystal Clear Clarifier per 250 gallons of water as a maintenance dose. Repeat if necessary until water is clear.