UltraLift VisionLift Boomerang Product Feature Video Installation Video


Code: 8324 | Brand: UltraLift

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Product Description

The VisionLift BOOMERANG bracket simply attaches to the patented sliding bracket and gives you the freedom to open your cover all the way to the ground. With streamlined installation eliminating the need to drill a secondary location.

Compatible Boomerang product: (Sold Separately #8320)
The FREEMOUNT BASE does not required any attachment to the hot tub or its surroundings. It uses the weight of the spa water to secure the lift solidly in place. The two (2) free-standing bases adjust to the height of any hot tub.

  • No Drilling, No Holes
  • Effortless Installation
  • Works With All Cabinet Designs
  • No Need to Reinforce the Spa Cabinet
  • Made From Corrosion Resistant Aluminum
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  • Brings the cover to the ground - allowing a 360° view.
  • Provides a combined 220lbs of hydraulic assistance.
  • Needs 14" clearance behind the spa & 5" of side clearance.
  • Fits spas up to 96" and corner radius up to 20".
  • Dual hydraulic shocks aid in removal and swing back.
  • Aluminum brackets & galvanized arms.