Boomerang Swim Spa "L" Shelf Brackets

Boomerang Swim Spa "L" Shelf Brackets

Code: L833



Product Description

The Boomerang SWIM SPA L Shelf Brackets are a necessity if you would like to use the Boomerang Cover Lift with your swim spa. Due to the height of Swim Spas the Boomerang is unable to sit on the ground as with a standard height hot tub.  These brackets once installed will allow the Boomerang to rest on the L Shelf Brackets vs on the ground and provide all benefits the Boomerang Cover Lift has to offer. 

Warning to Swim Spa users, if these special brackets are not used on your Swim Spa with the Boomerang Cover Lift the lift will overextend beyond the intended use and has a high risk of malfunction and/or may break. (warranty does not cover misuse use of the Boomerang on a hot tub without the use of the L Shelf Brackets)