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Spring Cleaning Bundle

Spring Cleaning Bundle

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Product Description


All the items needed to Spring Clean your hot tub in an easy and convenient bundle.

Swirl Away: Use prior to draining. Removes accumulated dirt, oil & other build-up in the plumbing lines that impede jet action. 

Ultra Mitt: Large scrubbing surface to remove the toughest scum, slime and grime deposits.

Water Wand: This filter cartridge cleaner substantially decreases water waste & reduces filter cleaning time by more than 50%.  Simply flip the switch & clean 8 pleats at a time with no messy spray back!

Pleatco FilterWash™: a fast-acting fizz cleaning tablet specially formulated to penetrate deeply into any reusable filter cartridge and remove the accumulated materials such as suntan lotion and oils, body oil, grease, dirt, soap scum and other organics.

303® Multi-Surface Cleaner: Safely soaks in and lifts up soils and stains so they can be easily rinsed or wiped away.  It is particularly effective on leaf stains, bird droppings, tree sap, berry juice, wine, barbecue smoke, oil and grease. Full strength or diluted with water, this product is safe to use on any water-safe surface. Using warm water, allowing to penetrate and extra agitation will increase the cleaning action of this product. Concentrated. Non-toxic, biodegradable and odorless.

303® Mold & Mildew Cleaner + Blocker: Quickly and safely cleans and removes tough mold and mildew stains from virtually any water-safe surface. Not only does this product CLEAN unsightly mold and mildew stains that have already formed, it will also help PREVENT mold and mildew stains from re-occurring on the treated surface.

303® Aerospace Protectant: A water-based technology that does NOT contain any harmful solvent soluble silicone oils, alcohols, or solvent soluble PolyDiMethylSiloxane Fluid (PDMS). Aerospace Protectant has been tested and proven compatible with rubber, vinyl, and finished leather surfaces.

Faucet Adaptor:  Attaches a garden hose to any indoor faucet. Also doubles as a siphon to drain.

Mineral Buddies® Pre-Filter: Connect to a garden hose & fill anything with fresh, pure water. Reduce or eliminate a variety of known contaminants including, Organic Chemicals, In-organic Chemicals, Suspended Solids, Heavy Metals, Lead, Mercury, Arsenic and more.

Wonder Flower & Beach Ball Scum Absorbers: Made of special foam that absorb 40 times their weight in oils & lotions. Float in spa or skimmer to keep water line clean and prolong filter life.


  • CLEAN: Swirl Away - Ultra Mitt - Water Wand - Pleatco FilterWash®
  • PROTECT: 303® Multi-Surface Cleaner - 303® Mold & Mildew Cleaner + Blocker - 303® Aerospace Protectant
  • REFILL: Faucet Adaptor - Mineral Buddies® Pre-Filter - Scum Absorbers
  • Sold in Bundle Only ∙ Cannot Substitute Items