AirO2 Hot Tub Spa Cover (94"x94)
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AirO2 Hot Tub Spa Cover (94"x94)

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Product Description

The future of Hot Tub Spa Covers is here

introducing the

* AirO2 Hot Tub Spa Cover *

After years of extensive product testing the AirO2 Hot Tub Spa Cover is now available. The first hot tub spa cover of its kind features a Dual Bladder, Drop Stitch Construction (think standup paddleboards) and supports over 500 pounds. The Air02 Hot Tub Spa Cover will not absorb water over time and provides consistent and superior insulation along with increased durability.  

Most, if not all hot tub covers ultimately need to be replaced because they begin to absorb water.  Once that starts to happen the hot tub spa cover not only becomes heavier but also a much less effective insulator.  The AirO2 hot tub spa cover will never absorb water and offers peace of mind from frequent hot tub spa cover replacements and relief from increasing electric bills.  Additionally, the AirO2 hot tub spa cover is manufacture with WeatherShield canvas as a standard, which gives the hot tub spa cover a modern look and feel while protecting the color from fading in the sun.  The available 3 sizes (86”x86” | 89”x89” | 94”x94”) work for a surprising number of customers that are looking for a replacement hot tub spa cover and are all too familiar with the lack on longevity that traditional hot tub spa covers fail to provide.

Available in 3 colors; Shadow |  Espresso | Black

Available in 3 sizes; 86" x 86" | 89" x 89" | 94" x 94"


  • The AirO2 hot tub spa covers have arrived.
  • Dual bladder, drop stitch construction supports over 500 pounds.
  • Manufactured from WeatherShield canvas, the AirO2 spa cover is protected from UV fading and won't crack like traditional vinyl covers.
  • AirO2 Spa Cover will not absorb water and get heavy along with superior insulation qualities.
  • Includes pump and pressure gauge for easy inflating.
  • Ships via UPS