Mineral Buddies DELUXE Drain & Clean Kit

Mineral Buddies DELUXE Drain & Clean Kit

Code: 9095 | Brand: Mineral Buddies


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Product Description


This handy kit includes all the necessities you need to drain and clean your hot tub.

SWIRLAWAY PLUMBING CLEANER: Clean the impossible to reach places in you hot tub or spa in just 30 minutes! Removes dirt & grime, organic oils, soap scum, mold & mildew & other harmful contaminants that impede jet action. Use prior to draining.

MINERAL BUDDIES WATER BUDDY™: Simply connect the Water Buddy™ to a garden hose and fill with fresh, pure water. Designed to reduce or eliminate a variety of known contaminants. The Water Buddy™ is recommended for anyone on a well, in a high metal content water area.

303® AEROSPACE PROTECTANT: A premium surface treatment that provides superior protection against the harmful effects of UV rays. Protects against discoloration, fading, cracking, and chalking. Restores lost color & luster providing surfaces a “like new” appearance.

303® AEROSPACE CLEANER: This product is safe to use on any water-safe surface. Particularly effective on leaf stains, bird droppings, tree sap, berry juice, wine, barbecue smoke, oil and grease.

PLEATCO SPA FILTER WASH TABLET: Tablet can clean up to two cartridges within 25 minutes! No measuring - safe on cartridge filters - fast acting, loosens debris from cartridge surface – rinses clean with a garden hose. ~ WONDER FLOWER SCUM ABSORBER: This special foam absorbs (40) times its weight in oils, lotions, cosmetics, skin & other organic matter contaminating spa water. Prevents scum lines & filter clogging is reduced.

HOT TUB MAGIC SPONGE: Two surfaces for two types of cleaning; the soft white side eliminates all types of surface stains. The rough white side, mildly abrasive, removes stuck-on debris.

SUBMERSIBLE WATER PUMP: Easily hooks up to any standard 3/4 inch garden hose. Perfect for pool covers, boat covers, kiddy pools, fish tanks and more.

FAUCET ADAPTOR: Allows the attachment of a garden hose to any indoor faucet. Also doubles as a siphon to drain. Includes a variety of fittings for any faucet.


  • Submersible Water Pump
  • SwirlAway Plumbing Cleaner
  • Mineral Buddies Water Buddy
  • 303 Aerospace Cleaner & Conditioner
  • Filter Wash Tablet
  • Hot Tub Magic Sponge